[LE BETA] Goblins can't hire Star players with SW

So I was trying out goblins yesterday and found out that i can't hire star players with secret weapons (chainsaw, bomber or ball&chain) if I already have usual players with that SWs.
It was new team with 11 players and 3 SW. Played against amazons about 350 TV+, took 3 bribes and wanted to take Dribblesnot (bombardier) and another Star with ball&chain but got message something like "you can't have more players of that type"

Focus Team

This message will appear too if your opponent had already hire the same exact Starplayer, can you confirm it's not what happened?

I can confirm it's not the case! Game was against Amazons - they can't hire Dribblesnot (or Fungus the Loon ). Also they didn't get any star player or any other inducement

Dear Focus team
Can I submit another bug in this topic? If not I will make a new one:
Another bug with Bombardier: After my opponent failed GFI I decided to sent my Bombardier to mark that player. After I declared move action to that spot game started to lag very hard, his model stayed in the same spot, but "actual" player became invisble and started to move to new position. Each step took about 15-20 sec. After he finished his move game stoped freezing but he still was invisible. I am pretty sure it wasn't problem on my side because time stopped for a whole move and wasn't adjasted after move finished. In the second half everything went back to normal. I had same bug in previous Open Beta - I made dwarf team to test star player Bomber Dribblesnot. Bug appeared on inducement screen (his picture was empty) and then in the game. I thought it was just a bug with unfinished bombardier (at that time goblins were unavalable to play) and didn't report.

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