car error

because my car accelerates quickly, but when it brakes it wants to continue advancing, it gives like jumps.

Try reducing the torque and or wheel friction values.

the friction of the wheels in which way I find them

Mudrunner editor folder / _mods / <your mod here> / classes / wheels / <your wheel name>.xml

XML file for the wheel in Media\classes\wheels.

<_templates Include="trucks" />
    <WheelFriction _template="" />


    <WheelFriction BodyFriction="" SubstanceFriction="" />

BodyFriction value is for hard surfaces. SubstanceFriction value is for mud. _template is for using predefined WheelFriction value templates. Such as "Offroad", "Highway" or "Default". <_templates Include="trucks" /> line must also be used with _template.

Offroad: BodyFriction="1.0" SubstanceFriction="1.2"
Highway: BodyFriction="1.5" SubstanceFriction="0.5"
Default: BodyFriction="1.25" SubstanceFriction="0.75"

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