Bloodlust gameplay

I would like the gameplay from BB1 back, you had "end turn" as possible action for vampires : you would be sent off if not close to a thrall or would bite it if next to one of them (or choose one if next to several).

The actual gameplay of making a move with another player to come back to the bite is really strange and counter intuitive (imo).

What does happen if the vampire is the last player available ? Do you have to wait for the clock ?

If it's the last player, you just hit End Turn like normal and it follows the bloodlust sequence. They've already stated in other threads they are working on the mechanics to close the turn before moving on to the next player, but may not be fully functional upon release.

I agree with Ungern.
When missing a bloodlust roll, you can see in the list of the possible actions the "bite action".
When you finish the action, then this menu is no more available and you can't properly bite a teammate.

What happens if the vampire is close to two linemen : Do you have the choice to bite your preferred thrall?

It would be relaxing to click on "bite", chose who to bite if we'd like. If we forget, then it's fine that this bite action is performed automatically.

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