1 bug with vamps with goblins

So the first one is a hypnogaze bug on vamps you can Select hypnogaze as the skill when prone and use it and still be on the ground after you use it. blood lust is rolled for but no stand up action is taken.

and now to the bugs With goblins first one is that you get spp from intercepting a bomb thats beaing thrown.

second one is that you dont get any spp With a fanatic that injures a player thats allredy knocked Down.

You've always been able to use Hypno gaze from prone. Eldril does it all the time. This has been argued over and over again as the CRP roughly states, you can use gaze after a move action, but the move action is just a phase and if you do nothing, that could be counted as a move. Even the NAF has been flip-flopping on this for years.

@Saitani I don't know. I mean, on one hand, realistically a vampire should be able to look at you from the ground and use his gaze, however, rule-wise, I still think you should have to stand up to use an action.

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