Reporting Player?

I was playing championship league and he wrote -

  • "you want to run the ball to end this quick? or am i afking?
  • "afking it is then, have fun"

Then he went afk for the rest of the match, it was my 6 or 7th round in first half (i started with the ball).

Is this considered "ok" or can you report a player for this? i have screenshot and nickname if a moderator wants to pm me.

You need to PM @Netheos , not the other way round.
Then they'll look into it.

Hello, it's not an acceptable behaviour at all. We'll discuss about this coach by private message. Thanks!

I had a similar experience yesterday, and was verbally abused after I stopped him from scoring in the 2nd half. Lots of fuck offs and such. Have PM'ed @Netheos , but no reply yet. Let's hope you can ban this guy.

@traumstunde Hey, yeah, Netheos is out of office until Monday - we'll deal with this, though 🙂