Why is the game always wrong collapse?

1_1524999350612_YY截图20180429185309.png 0_1524999350611_YY截图20180428182811.png
Figure 1 crash after pressing f1
Figure 2 Suddenly Error During Driving
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Edition (BUILD: 10586) (64-bit)

CPU information: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz

Stepping: 9 models: E series: 6 expansion models: 9E extended series: 6

Motherboard Information: ASUSTeK PRIME Z270-A

Memory Information: 16.0 GB (8.0 GB / 8.0 GB /)

Graphics Card Information: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Hard disk information: INTEL SSDSC2KW256G8 (256.0 GB)

ST2000DX002-2DV164 (2.0 TB)

Cannot re-read file after crash😩

Game can't use it. So far game is 32-bit (AFAIK) so having 8GB, 12GB, 512GB is no diference...

It's similar to the good old virtual address space (VAS) limit of Flight Sim X - except with FSX it's no more than 4Gb. Start flying a complex plane over mega detailed airports... bye bye!

@sodoma Thank you, win7 will be better?☹

Win7? If you mean your system, it doesn't matter. The game is 32-bit

@difflock66 Google Translate makes it impossible for me to understand what you are talking about. However, thank you for your answer☺

@sodoma Is it better to try compatibility?☺

What @DIFFLOCK66 said is: if your mod is too complex and required more memory than game can provide, game crash.
I have no idea what compatibility you are talking about. I am on Win 7 with no problem playing right now.

Since you have mudrunner mod installed start with 4gb shortcut on your desktop and not steam shortcut.
It will help a lot, also use three mod at the time past that it's more likely to crash even with the LAA flag enabled.

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