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I played the campaign and got to game 15 against the Skavenblight Scamblers and won, but it is staying at 93% and says I have to play them. I played them again a second time, won, but still never completed, still at 93% saying my next match is game 15 against the scramblers. I deleted the campaign and played it all over again, and once again it never completes, still at 93%, next game against the scramblers.

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Hello, thanks for your message.

Did you get the credit? It's the end of the campaign that you're describing.

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no sure what you mean got credit ? its at 93% and will continue to allow me to play the Scramblers over and over again. Isnt it suppose to got 100% and not allow me to play Scramblers again ?

[Xbox One]
Hi! While playing offline I just finished the campaign, saw the developers credits roll, then the Skaven HD loading screen appears, the sound of what is supposed to be a scene (saw that short with the little Skaven scene later on YouTube) but it then went to the Cabal Vision loading screen. And it stayed there, the Cabal Vision loading screen with the rotating pigskin ball and the "press (=) for options" and "press B" at the bottom. While that screen is there, for more than 25 minutes it stayed there since no buttons I pressed would do anything.

So I checked the internet, and sure enough, this has been happening SINCE 2016! So add this to the list of known issues.

The thing I want to know is, am I missing anything else in the Campaign because of this bug? I selected the game and checked the Campaign progress and it is at 93% as if I hadn't played the Skaven.

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