Some requests / questions about multiplayer hosted games

Hi devs,

Here 2 requests about multiplayer game hosting :

  1. would it be possible to avoid to wait 1 mn to start a game online when host is still alone and have setted he is ready. If a second player join and set ready too, then the game starts, but if ur alone, you have to wait 1 mn even if you have validated, which is very annoying.
  2. would it be possible to make visible the difficult level of a game. Today we can only see if the game is codex rule or not, which is already a good thing.

In addition, I have a question about crossplateform : will the game will mix pc and consoles (ps4) of the 2 groups will play separatly ? I would like we all play together because i already have the game on pc, and would buy it to my son which play console, so we could play together.

Thanks, we are very impatients to play EE !!

Streum On Team

I'm afraid PC and PS4 multiplayer will be separated. No cross-platform.
About your requests, I don't have answer about whether it is possible or not, but I included it in the feedback report I send to the devs. 📔 👀
Thank you for your suggestions! 👍

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