Hello! Today I found some bugs with K-700 truck and its log trailer both.
alt text
alt text
All these bugs issued near north sawmill (not south-west) of Coast map.
The first bug appeared in south entrance to north sawmill.
I was riding two trucks in road train - K700 with log truck and trailing
Zil-131 with log truck and on very rough turn from road to sawmill
the trailing log truck of K-700 got stuck and rolled on side. When I looked
at area or road accident the logs disappeared and they were replaced by
very rigid and big rocks (exactly the same count as truck loading score). I tried to roll back the log truck to check if it free but K-700
failed to take it out from the rocks.
The second problem appeared on swamp between south entrance of
north sawmill and northeast petrol station. When I tried to pass the
log train over swamp, the K-700 got stuck (the log trailer and trailing
Zil-131 were too heavy to pass this area), so I decided to pass them,
using helping hand of another truck. In order to pass first part of train,
I entered the swamp by empty truck and oriented it perpendicular to
K-700 and its log wan in order to achieve maximum adhesion with swamp ground. When I attached the winch to K-700, it tried to approach to the helping truck and its wheels oriented perpendicular to frame. I tried to fix the wheels, or either teleport it to garage but I succeeded only when K-700 ran out of fuel.
P.S. I have made backup version of game files at moment when stones were stuck in log wan, (so it is possible to extract log from that backup/save) when wheels of K-700 were broken, but as for me it can be easily reproduced on that area of the map.