Slamming Gears with a mouse!!

Is there any way to keep the mouse connected to the stick when slamming gears? I don't know how many times I hit the wrong gear or changed the camera and found myself at the bottom of a climb because it becomes disconnected when it reaches the end of the throw. Any way to configure it or something, or just try to find a controller? xbox 360 or what?

NVM. I hooked up my ps4 Controller just got to set it all up now... You can google ps4 controller to pc.

@08_jk_ i know you are using a controller now, but yes you can do this (however putting it into auto will disengage the feature, but you can highlight/leftclick while in auto to turn it back on, but it will constantly give full throttle). it is called Force Accel or (cruise control now). this is the way i always drive. when the shifter is highlighted/engaged just left click and you now have force accel turned on. it will constantly give throttle and you just move the shifter to adjust your throttle input. this feature was put into the game for Key Board users to have throttle control. otherwise it is just an on/off switch for the throttle for key board users. be warned though. this feature only works correctly with the A types. what i mean is the brakes. they does not work with force accel turned on with the bigger trucks. you have to turn it off or disengage the shifter out of gear (neutral). this bug has been there since the release of mud runner, but maybe some day they will get around to fixing this bug.

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@8up-local , do you think that FA is set at full throttle? it seems like it is more like a 3/4 throttle position. When shifting back to Auto the gear it puts me in is one or two below the high gear. After some time getting the feel of it i prefer it as well. some custom trucks will get right down to a crawl, with out stalling as well.. -Rufus

@rufus It doesn't have anything to do with FA/CC. It's the way the gearbox operates.

1 = 1st gear
1+ = "High" gear
Auto = All gears(exc. 1+)
R = Reverse

For example:

<Motor MaxDeltaAngVel="0.01" Torque="42000">
    <ReverseGear AngVel="0.5" /> R
    <HighGear AngVel="6.0" /> 1+
    <Gear AngVel="1.0" /> 1st
    <Gear AngVel="3.5" /> 2nd
    <Gear AngVel="5.0" /> 3rd
    <Gear AngVel="6.5" /> 4th
    <Gear AngVel="8.0" /> 5th

AngVel is equivalent to wheel speed. The gearbox above is setup as a 5-speed. Even though it has 6 forward speeds, if you include 1+. And, speed-wise, 1+/HighGear is between 3rd and 4th in this instance.

Also, I think the reason why some vehicles can run at lower speeds in 1+ without stalling has to do with the Torque value. More torque = less likely to stall. I'm not 100% sure about that. But it would make sense if that were the case.

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Thanks for the reply's. Would anyone happen to know how to use the right analog stick on the ps4 controller as a gear shift. I have all the other buttons set up, just can not manually shift using the controller. also would like to just press and hold brake without reversing(while in auto),but any ways the pressure sensitive throttle is awesome and not constantly battling the camera is great.

@08_jk_ yep, clicking down the right stick highlights/engages the shifter. i do not play with my controller, so not sure if it still like this, but once you click the right stick to engage the shifter you can click the left stick to turn on force accel for controllers. left or right clicking sticks will disengage/turn off force accel. as i say i use KB controls and have not checked to see if controller can still use the force accel function though.

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@rufus yeah for auto and gear 1+ force accel gives full throttle. now if in auto it will still down shift when it thinks it needs to, but still full throttle. only gear 1 and reverse gives throttle control with force accel.

Both wrong lol j/K
Probably due to it being DirectInput (read: older but much more versatile) instead of XInput (read: X360/XBONE controller) I cannot map the gear shift toggle to any of the buttons on my Logitech Cordless RumblePad2. I worked around it, sort of, by mapping said toggle to my keyboard spacebar so it's at least within relatively easy reach of a pinky when I need to shift, and I have to move the gearshift using the d-pad or mouse (which is default mapped to camera movement when "shift mode" is not engaged). Still a pain if I'm in a garage or fuel station though, because the d-pad also moves the selection indicator in the addon/refuel menu so I sometimes end up having to move the shifter with the mouse in those circumstances...

You do need to quick press the right analog stick button to select/deselect the shifter. When the shifter isn't selected the right analog stick just moves the camera. To select/deselect FA/CC you need to press and HOLD the right analoq stick button, until the indicator on the shifter lights up/goes dark.

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I've tried the clicking down and still does not work. also my configuration is under the steering wheel category. I'm using a ps4 controller. When on the 360 diagram at the top for a split second it says gampad 1 then it disconnects. but under the steering wheel tab I can program and use it just fine just cannot program the right stick.

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I use a Nyko AirFlo EX DirectInput controller with x360ce. For convenience. Saves me the hassle of having to map all the buttons/pads/sticks to keyboard/mouse. It came with really good software to do that with. But I only use it when I have to. x360ce is so much simpler(when it works).

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You know what you may be onto something I'll have to see if I can map the right stick to the mouse.

my mistake. like i have said i mainly use KB, it has been a while since i used a controller. can only say they must have changed things a bit since i last used one. lol

@mudhappy i see it now. thanks for the visual. so my guess is on track. Rufus

Well After a couple days of playing around still haven't figured it out, just learned how to use throttle control in auto. was wanting to be able to just click down slide the right stick over and select a gear ya know just like using a mouse, but hey I'm fine with what I got now. aka a dummy stick or a fiddle stick just in case I start getting bored lol.

Update was just playing in steam and found the controller settings and now my ps4 controller works just like the xbox. right stick shifts gears and the other buttons work. to bad one of those advanced mode buttons isnt a quick release for the winch. but hey I got it to work ...

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@08_jk_ said in Slamming Gears with a mouse!!:

to bad one of those advanced mode buttons isnt a quick release for the winch.

To "quickly" release the winch, do a quick tap up or down on the D-pad(engages advanced mode with winch release selected) followed by a tap on the A button(releases the winch and disengages advanced mode). BAM! Winch released and advanced mode disengaged. Takes less than half a second when you get the hang of it. How much "quicker" does it need to be?

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