MudRunner - April Community Update

@rook81 That is not wild but blind guess πŸ˜‚
With the first one, provided picture and number are pretty specific, but B-6A? Cut off "B" because that is ingame thing and you have "6A" without any other clue. Putting that in google, I am getting nothing with a piece of sense πŸ˜‚
I am not familiar with soviet vehicle production enough, but even people from that country may struggle probably...

Nice news.I expect these,Real interior,Seat Adjustment,Mirror and TrackIR 5.

@sodoma said in Spintires: MudRunner - April Community Update:

With the first one, provided picture and number are pretty specific, but B-6A?

Is the same thing with the second one πŸ˜› In the game D means MAZ , B means GAZ (B-66=Gaz 66) and so on. And probably B-6A means Gaz Tigr 6A πŸ™‚

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I don't think so.
D are MAZes, OK, but E is MAZ and MZKT, but ok, closely related, A is for UAZ or LuAZ, B is (so far) Zil or GAZ under C are hidden KrAZes, URALs, KAMAZes...

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you are right , we'll find out soon

:))) It could be anything, maybe a ZIS 6 ... I like the Maz though πŸ˜‹

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In the last change log it was noted some tweaks were made to soil firmness and some truck setups, and was wondering if this was happening again? While on the whole the changes were positive, some trucks and attachments got hit pretty hard by this. It'd be nice if this were walked back a half step.

Glad to hear that new content will be added. Thanks!

And when we will have mod on ps4 ?

@BudDy3577617, We are hugely grateful to the dedicated and passionate modding community for helping us make Spintires: MudRunner the best game it can be, but, for now, we're only exploring what options we have, no concrete plans to implement mods on consoles in the short run.

Are you quoting the OP post or do you work for Focus Home? The impression I'm getting is the former, might give off different vibes to some people.

@digital-x They're quoting the OP. All Focus employees have a badge saying as such.

These are great news! New map and vehicles - canΒ΄t wait.

Can you give any information about the 6A for example is it a 4x4, 2x4 or 4x6, 6x6.

@Alpscruiser, all information will be later as stated in the description.

@Digital-X, yes, I quote all what the description says.

Pleasure to read this!

Any news on the release of the april community update