MudRunner - April Community Update

@richard6982 sadly this is it. Go back to the first page of this forum.

Don't dig too far into getting the licensing for the US vehicles, just do what Rockstar games did with GTA V and make the vehicles unmistakably similar, but different.
I'd be happy with a big lifted "Spun-Burban..." πŸ‘

The B-6A reminds me of the U.S. Army's "Gamma Goat".

@jdavid1278 By its appearance it makes more sense for the game than "panzerUAZ", but I feel it unlikely, because it is US production...

@Sodoma When is the first vehicle presentation coming?

itΒ΄s friday give us some input for the weekend!

will it be that agent we will have to wait the end of the month even to have the new DLc, that is to say May 31😨😱😲 I do not want to believe it

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@sodoma US production may not be as unlikely as it seems. There's a certain lend-lease truck that is a "6" and would fit the game quite well...

@simhunt77 2 vehicles are announced, so probably two weeks before DLC release. That is announced on the end of May. But I am just guessing based on expiriences from previous releases...

@Rook81 Agree, but so far we have just soviet production here and US pack is more or less announced, so I presume that fitting vehicles from US are "saved" for that...

My question is why does it take so long to release 2 trucks and a map? Us console players dont have alot of trucks and naps to play arond with so we kind of get bored waiting 3-5 months for a dlc/update

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Hi there,

We're currently working on a fix for those issues right now, that we plan to release alongside The Ridge once it's out.

I learned, last night, on a completely fresh install of Windows that the NP++ plugins work. But I still can't get them to work on my main drive after updating the game and editor. They worked fine before the update. I'm referring to the popup window that comes up when selecting a position or direction.

So middle of may and no informations about the DLC.
You could give us small sneak peeks with screenshot of the scenery of the new map or detail screenshots of the new trucks.
Short clips etc. Or even a release date.
The possibilities are endless.

@alpscruiser I fully agreeπŸ‘πŸ‘

I'am so glad that the developers are working on yet another DLC I totally loved the valley and now this is just awesome the new maz is a beast I can't wait for it thank you

Yes i agree but im really tired of waiting because u cant play this game for long with this little stuff


To be fair, pretty detailed information on the DLC was provided in this update. A screenshot of scenery would constitute trees and mud and rocks, and we already have a detailed screenshot of one of the vehicles from the first post, where a release date was also suggested as around the end of May. Still, I agree that they did say they would add some screenshots as they were going along, so perhaps a few of those would have kept us on the boil while the dev was ongoing.

For the Valley DLC, vehicle presentations were provided two weeks and one week before the release of the DLC, so based on their info, I guess we can expect something sooner than later, but really, you and I know that a description isn't what we're after, we're all just eager to receive the new content.

@Jayson, I suspect that the addition of one extra map and two vehicles won't keep some people all that satisfied for much longer either.

Still, let's not forget that the dev team are working on a ton of stuff, Nintendo port, Mudrunner US, bugfixes (hopefully, sorry dev team, couldn't resist πŸ˜‰ ) so the fact that they still make time to support the game with extra FREE content is pretty cool if you ask me.

Although I, like many here, am going crazy in anticipation for this new stuff, I have to accept that it takes time to deliver. I would rather the guys worked on getting it done than spent time talking about what they would be doing if they weren't updating us. πŸ˜ƒ

I would hope that perhaps they are working on a few extras, we'll have to see. One thing I would really love would be to see this new scavenge mode applied to ALL maps delivered to date, which would increase the game longevity massively. Still, I appreciate that this would require a rework of the maps (albeit hopefully not too excessive). I'm still hoping they will simply add more random vehicle and base spawn points.

Based on their comments of a late May (assuming delays possible due to ironing out bugs etc in new game mode therefore early-mid June) release, I have my fingers crossed for some update, perhaps a confirmed release date, in the near future, with vehicle presentations just before the release as per the Valley.

If they are working on some of the bug fixes and features mentioned in the meantime, I'm happy to wait a week or two longer.

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