Competitive mode ?

Why not to create a competitive game mode where player can play as a team with his friends against another team . For example , who will be able to get maximum points by the end of the game for producing something from wood and all the vehicles which you can unlock on the map will be attached to the team which found them, but there will be a limited number of opening vehicles per team in one match ?

P.S. This is just an idea how to make the game more interesting and how to bring something new.

Community Moderator - Spintires

Is it really necessary? Competitive mode of many types is more or less native part of every FPS on the market.
Cooperative mode is something, that is almost entirely missing. Usually, in the best case, you can team up with few buddies, but again, against others.
This game is (hopefully) giving your team to work together against enviroment. You have to solve the puzzle of supplying with fuel, maintanance, hopefully building of road by its cleaning or seting up a bridges...
Loading a truck and measuring time to delivery is still the option, but IMHO doesn't make much sense. This is not a trackmania...

But having an ability to do that as a competition would be also good, I am not saying that coop has to be removed.

It is better for developers to focus on improving important elements such as new vehicles, things that add realism, new maps, career mode. Not every game must have cancerous pvp..

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