Treeman Take Root issue PS4

So my opponent using Wood Elves attempted to block my player with his Treeman. He rolled a 1 for Take Root and chose not to re -roll it. He then proceeded to roll the block dice which resulted in attacker down and both down. He chose both down. In the following turn he was able to stand the Treeman up, however take root was no longer in effect and he was able to move freely again.

I presume this is a bug?

Nope, that's how it's supposed to work.

Ah ok I didn’t know that thanks

You cannot block after take root if the Treeman also declared a blitz action, but with only a block action he can continue the block and will remain rooted afterwards.

However, any time a treeman is knocked down take root is removed. He still has to roll to stand up and roll for take root on subsequent turns however.

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