Hi everyone.

I'm talking about some kind of (Rooted) Chalice Dungeon from Bloodborne.
The PvE of The Surge is awesome. Even after completing NG+4 and completing a Core Power 10 run, I still want more. But going through the game, again and again... ugh.

Something challenging for someone that have already completed the game and "master" the game mechanics. Because the more NG+ I complete, the less the game mechanics are importante. Stability and Defense become useless. Can't block, therefore implants for blocking become useless ; most injectables are useless too... Not the kind of challenge I'm after. Something that let me use my endgame knowledge and skill, that let me use all the tools I got through the game.

The Surge cruelly needed more endgame content, it's frustrating.

Anyway, I'm sure you get the idea. My regards !