Big Bob the Twitter commentator


I have made Big Bob who comments matches from our league in Twitter. His source code can be found from Github. At this moment his vocabulary isn't that great but already he can comment on matches based on score, casualties and other events and after latest addition also based on team rankings and distance to top team.

He is for me fun hobby project and also platform to test new techs on, so don't promise anything ☺ But thought it would be fun to share and ask if others would be interested in something like that.

Options to get commentator for your league would currently be to deploy it to your own AWS environment, or if there is interest I could probably see how it would work if you could connect your own Twitter account and league config to it. And of course best option is to join New Ogham so your league has world's first Twitter commentator. 😂

Techs used are Python, Serverless and from AWS side Lambdas, DynamoDB, KMS and Step functions. Basically to get it running just need to have Git, Python, Serverless, AWS account and SDK, and then there is one manual step and after that it is just deploy with one command... Don't have instructions written yet because documentation and fun hobby project doesn't really mix 😁

And then example tweets...

0_1525197291495_Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 15.33.49.png

Very neat, great work!

Nice idea, that's great.

I always love see things like this!

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