Feature Request: Vehicle Variants

So firstly I apologise if this is answered or covered elsewhere but I was always a bit unsure of aspects of a couple of the truck models and on recently seeing a youtube vid, noticed that for some models, eg b130, b131, b66, the original spintyre version of the model was in some ways more ‘type correct’ visually than the new models in mudrunner eg grilles and lights etc.

Although I appreciate it may be equivalent of entirely new models (albeit already existing), I would like the idea of being able to select / toggle between old and new variants on the truck choice menu, maybe selecting with an unassigned button.

I would actually also be interested to know why they were changed, even if the answer is simply ‘we thought they looked better’. Much of the game is about hyperrealism, i’m just intrigued in why the models changed away from the original more type accurate versions.

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@zoglet, it's all about copyright. The developer and publisher specifically changed the design of the machines, so they had no complaints about the license for these cars.

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But you can download from WS "Certified mods" OR there is a MOD that unmodifies grills on stock trucks.
As long as you are on PC of course...

I was suspecting this might have been the case, hoped the Russians would have been less precious about such old vehicles but seems not and why should they be any different? Thanks for confirming all the same!

Console only Sodoma, otherwise I would be all over it already 😉

Still, it doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the game. I just have memories of the old Zil130 when I was a kid and I couldn’t figure out what wasn’t quite right until seeing this video. It would’ve been nice to have the original. Who knows? Perhaps as MudRunner gets better known, manufacturers might specifically want to be featured and this will change. Not holding my breath 😉

@zoglet, the license is expensive now, especially with the situation in Russia. So I don't expect that will change, but we will not lose heart, maybe things will get better.

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