PS4 - "Problem while creating or accessing profile"

I moved my Blood Bowl save files onto the PS4 cloud. When I started using my new PS4 the save files show up fine but when I start Blood Bowl the game won't even fully load and just gives me the error in the subject: "Problem while creating or accessing profile."

Super frustrating. Right now either I just literally don't get to play or I assume I can delete all my save info to start over again but then I've wasted a TON of playtime and the purpose of transferring save data is completely useless.

Somebody better be able to give me a way to make my current save data work or I'm gonna be incredibly pissed for wasting my money on this game.

Focus Team

Please activate your new PS4 as the primary console for your PSN account:
Select Settings > PlayStationtmNetwork/Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PS4 > Activate.

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