Pro Cycling Manager - Contract Negotiation

Hello all, and welcome to the first dev blog for Pro Cycling Manager!

Last week, we spoke about the Pro Cyclist Mode in Tour de France 2018, and this week, we'll be discussing a feature that is being improved upon in Pro Cycling Manager 2018.

In Pro Cycling Manager 2018, one of our priorities is to make your role as a manager of a pro cycling team a lot more interesting and realistic. With this intent, we completely reworked two main mechanics of the Career mode: the negotiation of the contracts between the riders and the player will bring a more in-depth gameplay to the management side of the game, while riders transfers among AI teams has been entirely redesigned to make the cycling market closer to reality (which will be discussed in a later devblog).


In terms of contracts, we have worked on a more interactive system with negotiations directly between the cyclist and the player. We've enriched the contract system by introducing several elements that make the difference in whether a player will sign or not.

The salary and the duration of the contract were obviously already present. It's important to note that we have removed the limits that we previously imposed: You can offer the salary of your choice for a cyclist as long as it fits the limits of your budget

The role of the cyclist: Their role within the team, but be careful not to promise too many leadership roles.

The interest the rider has in joining the team. This introduces more realism into the game by apprising how much a player may want to join your team, and making it easier or harder to recruit them.

Finally, we've also given cyclists preferences: Some want to be in an important role, while others will prefer racing in a national or regional environment or some might even be looking for the best paycheck.

During negotiations with the cyclist, you're able to make multiple proposals to the cyclist. If they don't like the offer, they will lose a point of patience, and may even end up refusing to negotiate further with you, should you test their patience too far.


There is also a new interface to help you manage these contracts - where you can see your budget for the upcoming year, which riders are currently under contract, how much you've already spent, and who you're already having discussions with.

Discover what your picky prospects want to best meet their expectations and recruit them before they run out of patience, or another team beats you to it; and build the best possible team with your favourite riders!

Tour de France 2018 on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One and Pro Cycling Manager 2018 on PC, will release in retail stores and for download June 28th.

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i like that. there has already been something like that in earlier tdf where you could negotiate for the riders roles, dont know, why it got lost. but i found a bug on the last years version. when i signed with a young rider, suddenly he didnt get into the team in the next your and got free agent or stood in his development team and i ahd to resign in the next year. and a second bug where (even with higher budget) you couldnt increase the salary but only change the duration. i rly hope, you fixed many bugs and game problems (i already reported a few), that would be rly important and make the game much better (as i prefer playing singleplayer)

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