[LE BETA] Multiplayer AI League Bugs

Myself and a friend of mine have been messing around with the AI in Multiplayer leagues and we have encountered some issues or problems.

  1. After a competition ends the AI teams will not join when you start the next season, they will be sent invites but they don't accept. It would be nice to be able to transfer the AI teams also, for instance in a round robin format going to a knock out tournament for playoffs then back to round robin to repeat the cycle.

  2. When you attempt to add an AI team with just 3 Human teams and 5 AI teams it will come up with the error message of "You can't have more than 8 AI teams in a competition." this repeats for as little as 1 Human team and 7 AI teams. It would also be really nice for the cap to be higher than 8, in a group of just a couple Human teams you can't even have a 16 team knockout tournament.

  3. When adding AI teams while you have a built team any skills they add don't count towards team value. Example, http://i.imgur.com/zgL5rYN.png This zombie has guard which is a double roll and block which is a normal roll, that should take its team value to 90k instead of 40k. The players only reset to the proper team values upon leveling up.

I fully agree, please change these things to enhance the muliplayer experience a lot. Without changing these things the new multiplayer is just slightly better compared to the old version.

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