Digital Version Pre-order

Hi folks,

A question that's continually asked else where so I thought I'd help out the community by asking here.

I'm aware the digital version is available for Pre-order on the UK PSN store but is there an ETA for its availability in the US?

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Steam or PS4?
If your on PS4 I'd wait until after the 22nd of May and check the reviews. There have been MAJOR performance issues on PC's with monster hardware. Hopefully the 22nd of May update will fix that.
If your on PC,
try it but remember the 2 hour gameplay refund rule.

For those seeking an answer;

"Yes, but there won't be any pre-order. The game will be available in the PS store at release, May 22nd."

Why? UK and EU get it for pre order with a PS plus discount even.

I'm just here to pass on the news, not explain it.

If I were to have any explanation, it would be that the Devs are European themselves.

Not to mention, the "discount" still puts the price above retail average.


There won't be any pre-order in the US on PS4. It's simply because Sony US and Sony Europe are two different entities and can act differently depending on the cases.

You'll be able to play May 22nd as everyone else though. Have a nice day!

Already have the game on pc but pre ordered on ps4 to as reward for great job 😉

My copy was delivered today! 😁

Do we know what time the digital version will be dropping at? Or how big of a download it is maybe?

ofc its everyones choice what he/she does with there money but pre ordering games in these times of gaming developement holy shit you must have money like sand on the beach