BB2 on PC keeps crashing

I have the game on steam. It keeps crashing and restarting my computer. There doesnt seem to be any set instant that triggers the crash but it always restarts my computer. I tried reinstalling, verifying files and lowering the graphics settings. Im running a GTX1070, Windows 10 64 bit, 16GB of ram. What i do notice is that the audio is choppy sometimes, not sure if this has anyting to do with the issue but when it does crash sometime my computer makes a really lound noise and then... POOF! Restart.... Any and all help would greatly be appreciated, thanks!!!

Focus Team

Please provide a System Information report to the technical support for investigation:

  1. Press the keys Windows Start (bottom left) and 'R' from the keyboard to open the 'Run dialog box' and type: MSINFO32
  2. Click the button 'OK'.
  3. Click 'System Summary' (upper left).
  4. Click 'File' then 'Export...'.
  5. Enter a file name (from File name:) and save the file.
  6. Close System Information.
  7. Right click on the file and click 'Send To' then 'Compressed (zipped) folder'.

Send your report with a description of the problem and the System Information report (compressed .zip file) in attachment to:

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