Make winch can unrroll

Hi people!
I just want to talk about a feature that works in 4x4 real life. How the winch works in real life?
Well i suppose that you can roll and unrroll the winch. It would be nice to can unrroll the winch. I miss it a lot of times!
Would this feature can be implemented in the game?

I would vote for that, too 🙂 Would be a nice feature.

So you mean that you could lower the truck down a steep hillside? Yes that would be fun.đź‘Ť

@joridiculous right now i just personally do the "Tarzan swing" winching from tree to tree as i go along when side hilling if needed. it works, but very tedious.

will have to agree to be able to "winch out" would be a very nice feature to have and would open up more possibilities for winch use. yet another good idea that will have to wait till the next version if they make it.

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