concession Rule

The concession rule MUST be added! this will help with people quitting.
I have played 2 games now and both games my opponent conceded.
I know people dont care at the moment but this was even happening on BB2 and i think it might stop people doing it.

Yes people lose connection but thats the nature of the internet and you just have to accept it.

I think it's beyond solvable, atm. Even if you'll apply hard penalties to conceding/disconnecting team, or, say, start treating it in worse way during MM when coache's DC/Concenings rate will grow past some limit as a punishment, they still can easily create a new account (up to 5 per key, I believe; if it's possible to remove accounts somehow, freeing "accounts' slots", they can continue endlessly). COL probably will stay a trash league as it's intended for casual play. Cyanide probably won't want to upset a huge portion of playerbase. The most optimal solution for those who want more involved behavior from other coaches is to join good private league, where such behavior is effectively policed.

But if we really must.. Some ways we could make those guys' life a bit more grim:

  1. Reasonable cooldown for MM for all their teams on this account (or even better, for all teams on all accounts bound to this key). Like, after DC or any unreasonable conceding he needs to wait 10-30 minutes before playing anybody in MP again. Of course, he is still allowed to reconnect to his current match, if it's still there. This could be implemented to use some progressive scale, like, 1st conceding will just force you to wait 10 mins, next one 15 mins, and so on. Also may be additionally influenced by you recent conceding/DCs statistics.

  2. AFAIK, atm, in case you took some injuries in ongoing match and disconnected for any reason, those injuries won't be applied. If it's true, this MUST be fixed asap, it just cries for abuse, pixel-huggers will keep doing it even if said cooldown is added, until you'll remove the reason why they do this.

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