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Greetings Admirals!

The time has come for your fleet to face a new challenge.

We are thrilled to officially announce the start of the first BFG Championship!

From July the 10th at 6pm CEST to July the 24th at 6pm CEST, you will be able to fight in a specific ranked ladder to reach the highest level. Only the 3 best players overall and the best player of each race will get awards!! Rules can be found here.

Here are the prizes:

1st place overall: Admiral Pack = Inquisitor Pack +

  • The Surge
  • Shiness

2nd place overall: Inquisitor Pack = Commissar Pack +

  • Styx: Shards of Darkness
  • Seasons After Fall

3nd place overall: Commissar Pack = Astropath Pack +

  • Technomancer
  • Styx: Master of Shadows

1st place of each race: Astropath Pack

  • Mordheim: City of the Damned + DLCs
  • Space Hulk: Deathwing
  • Blood Bowl 2 + DLCs
  • Wargame Franchise

Competing players can only be awarded a single prize. If a player wins more than one, they will be awarded the bigger one or, if prizes are of similar size, will be able to choose. The remaining prizes will then be awarded to the following player.

Make sure the email address attached to your Steam account is valid and live if you want to get rewarded.

Steam Hub URL here

There will be doubts, fear and death that will strike your crew but your strategic mindset and your faith in your fleet must prevail!


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