An issue with my Swamp Trails Map.

This morning, I see my map "The Swamp Trails" was uploaded onto "" A site which I despise due to it stealing mods, and as well as mine being up there. The only places I uploaded the finished map was to the Steam Workshop.

How could they have got my map from Steam and uploaded it there? It has to be from Steam because the user credited is "digitalxak". They also have the little map image from the Workshop. I've contacted the site asking them to remove it because I cannot find out who has done this, or why.

Quite angry at the moment because it has my models on there they can do with freely and probably won't give credit to me if they are used.

if anyone knows please let me know ASAP.


The short answer, unfortunately, is "good luck with that."
Any site who disrespects content creators in such a fashion is obviously staffed by unreasonable lowlifes, otherwise they wouldn't be poaching content to begin with, so the odds of getting anything besides a big fat "f*ck you" out of them is likely slim to nonexistent...
I totally feel your pain there, bro...

I found the domain the website is registered to, names etc and emailed TUCOWS and informed them. Worth a shot.

Wow, I didn't even know Tucows was still a thing... Haven't heard that name in decades... lol

Yep, guy is Lithuanian and the IP is located in France. so issued a DMCA.

@digital-x said in An issue with my Swamp Trails Map.:

How could they have got my map from Steam and uploaded it there?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\675010\1379877961

Well a lot of mod are leaked from steam for sure,and a lot of them are switched to private due to that,and since there is no protection for workshop item it's basicly copy and paste.
Those platform are like streaming/warez site, those person are well informed most of the time of the laws and how to get around them to be able to milk as much as possible from advertising link redirection and hosting credits system,and one other thing,they put a lot effort into building great website sometimes with a design even better than legal platform wich is quite ironic.
Speaking about legal, you get recomendation for to download content for exemple but there is no clear section for mudrunner mod or the game version supported and the website doesn't display correctly on different browser and not clear to navigate either and that's really a shame because it let a big place for website like mudrunnermod and all the clone.

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Yeah Mexican showed me the workshop folder earlier, thanks anyway.

Will be making future maps Friends only, to eradicate these issues.

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