Mod set up camp garage and fuel station?

Like the title say when you reach for example a logging place it would be nice to set camp and be able to park a garage and citern trailer and they act as same as a real garage and fuel station and everyone can use it.
So the question is,would it be possible to do that trough a mod with a specific xml setting?

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I don't think the portable garage idea would be very realistic. You can do almost anything vehicle repair wise without a shop. But definitely not everything. I changed my mind. I don't really see why not. But I would like for there to be a limited amount of repair points(instead of the unlimited repairs available at the garage buildings). For realism. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to refuel directly from unattached cisterns either. I was thinking it would be nice to be able to transfer fuel from one cistern to another too.

Oh...and no. There's no way to make it happen with a mod. Well...any kind of simple mod that is. I can't say for sure exactly what it would take. But I can say for sure it wouldn't be easy.

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When you park a trailer it execute an action wich deploy automaticly the leg,maybe along with that it could call the garage function or the fuel function ui.
In some lua file you can see some function are assumed to be present in the first place(present in the executable) then used as reference for further use like the "weather" for example.
It's not even changing something it's calling something allready present in the memory and using it.

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I am not sure it is that simple.
Creating a map in the editor, I had to define fuel station/garage area with a locator in there. Therefore these features are tied with a map.

I don't think that "infinite resuply" as it is in garage/fuel station that will be able to move around the map can improve gameplay, however ability to "take" fuel from cistern could be nice and even better in MP from other player's cistern.

So basically taking the Fuel Station and Garage locators and combining them ? I'll have a look later.

Yes infinite supply is not great but when you have a truck parked at the log pit with full tank,it's really rare we deplete it even in simulation mod.
The same function are called but differently when a truck enter the garage space and you use the garage function in the dev tool .
Not combining but more in the way of :
-you bring a garage trailer and park it,then it enable the garage ui in a certain radius
-you bring a citern trailer and park it ,then it enable the fuel station ui in a certain radius
When we detach the trailer it execute a function who could be tied to calling the ui for each trailer.

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