Musical Theme ?

Hey! We are close to release date now, and i would like to know if there were a musical theme in EE as i suggest in a previous post.

True that in space no one can hear you cry, but in all good games that i know, musical theme help to reinforce identity and ambiance of the game.


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Streum On Team

Hi! No additional music or sound effects, I'm afraid. We worked on gameplay improvements and additional features for this EE. I think we're more or less done with aesthetics and the focus has shifted on functionality.

@streumon-f8 aye, it would be nice you add a music in future patch, at minimum in menu screen, because i find it really misses, it s like an kind of empty.
At launch of shdw 3 yeats ago, i immediatly loved the project when i saw this video because of the music and athmospher which was really great:

Youtube Video

Btw i suggested to the team in a previous post to add this sequence in the game menu

Remember that success movies or video games always have great OST

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SP DW EE totally needs mariachi band music

seems legit

Deathwing hasn't much in the way of a soundtrack purely because it doesn't need it. Alot of the atmosphere and tension comes from a mix of silence, ship sounds and constantly being alert for the telltale sound of nearby 'nids.

@link000 hmm i disagree, an epic music in some fighting moments can improve athmospher. I also suggested in previous post that in some moments there could be something like a monastic song, it would be totaly in dark angels and space marines spirit.

At minimum, there should be a musical theme as same as most games in menu or during game loading because thoses moments are longs and then without the game looks unfinished..

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