New Map WIP Sneak Peek.

I know a lot of us have been aching for a more desert themed map, and Nix did not disappoint with his San Dimas Canyon , so I making my next project, exactly that. A vast, almost lifeless landscape with trails full of clutter, rocks, brances and trees and alike.

Very early WIP progress, will be adding my custom "cracked desert" textures if all goes well.

I have learned from the mistakes of my first map and will be going over this one will great care to make sure it is as good as it can be, and the sort of quality you would expect.

"The Deserted Lands"

The starting area.
alt text

Getting down and dirty in one of the many trails to come ( A LOT more than The Swamp Trails had!)
alt text

Tricky hill climb next to a little lake
alt text

The second lake you will come across, not good for drinking though!
alt text

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Not a great deal to show but this is a map where your wheels will be bouncing all the way to kingdom come!

That's good and just so u know its me ganjamagic420 lol

Oh no i didnt lol, hello again.

UPDATE: Tried this texture, wasn't too happy with it in a big space so will not be using it for now.

Last pic for a while, custom textures, might need the brightness lowering but this for a bumpy area it might be used a lot on the map. Just need it to blend in.

alt text

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Looks great so far!! Looking forward to it!

One of the "open areas" to play in. The trails on the map are a little hard to follow, but I have put rocks/trees/foliage dividing it in most cases so it's not impossible.
alt text

@digital-x Have the same problem on my map(s)..
Did the bushes / trees to outline, and tint to make them stand out a little bit.
Also made a couple of overlays where it would be to messy with bushes and tints.

Looking good so far!

I'll lower the brightness/contrast of the texture and try again, so it matches the environment. But don't want it to differ too much as it will look out of place.

I have begun work on sculpting one of the Canyons, (yes one, there will be more) And it is very big indeed. There will be trails running through it to extend the exploration aspect of my map.

The top end
alt text

At the bottom end, after turning left in the canyon
alt text

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