alpha sign up, not here yet?


i was one of the first few who got the alpha signup page but up til now i still dont have an email about it, solaire and blue have it even though solaire did it the exact same time as me!

i have 346 hours, i multiplayer only and a true bfga fan! i would have participated in the championships but i was busy at that time (lots of school stuff) and im a true bfga fan! always looking to help any newcomers to the bfga series aswell!

...Did you seriously start an entire thread to whine about the fact you weren't picked?

Almost none of us were. Get over it.

You're friends are under NDA. Don't let your petty jealousy get ya flagged as someone who can't be trusted. We all know you're hovering over your friend's shoulder right now. lol Stop it, it's weird.

Well, obviously for some reason you did not fullfil the requirements for the closed alpha. And you are doing a great job at demonstrating that you are not even able to fulfill the requirements for the closed beta.