will there be more weapons systems and attachmets, like for example i would love seeing the acog in sandstorm also lazers and like the us military shown in the picture!! i will love these fetures and this will make gameplay more realistic and exciting for alot of players now the scar im not asking for all of that XD just an example no stress (/assets/uploads/files/1526045154588-images-15.jpg) 0_1526045172909_combat-assault-rifle-fn-scar-h-3d-model-max-c4d.jpg0_1526045263633_images (15).jpg

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The good news is that most of this is all possible. NWI doesn't have to worry about any of this besides the actual systems (the lasers, optics, grenade launchers, etc), and, like in insurgency currently, the modding/workshop community will take it from there with new models, skins, etc. NWI just needs to focus on getting everything set up for release and community modders will do the rest after release.