Broken Tie Rod? New Feature, maybe?

I seen this yesterday while on my test map. It seems I got a broken tie rod on the Chevy. Could this be a new feature or just a flook? I've never seen this before so am wondering, for sure.

alt text
alt text

That's pretty cool, does it drive wonky as well? I expect it would given the tyre angle.

@digital-x, Yes. It was pulling way to the left. lol

I'd say keep it in, that's cool. Does it break from a hard knock? Simple as that?

No. I was just driving up the ramp slow trying to figure out what happened to the ramp texture so I was going slow. No idea why it happened. lol.

Happen to me as well but i think its a glitch or something , It did it to me at the very beginning when i started a map didnt even move the truck yet and my tire was like that and i was like wtf lol

that is kinda cool. it would be amazing when damage is received..

i get this bug every time i do mp, is not a feature is a unfixed bug of the game and sometimes the only way to fix it is leave the map and join/load the map again

Possibly some new test stuff Focus is working on...

@riskywisky its a bug, said by developers, it happens because the lua function on the truck reads lines every sec and compares to the game, but when you change from truck to truck or select a addon the game has to restart the lines, so try it your self attach and detach trailers,addons or refill your truck while moving and cornering and voila youll pop the bug out, thats why the wheels flick when you change addons

so after some unplaned testing i was playing and rolled downhill and my Indiana Jones spirit came out and tested more till I found 5 things wich will placed in the way I found out the issue and then explained

Before you start reading lets leave this points clear

- A bug is a issue with the game that no longer lets the player continue without having to restart the game or leave the map/scene

- A Glitch is a issue that affects the player but lets him continue the play and in most cases can be fixed by the player without having to leave/reset the game

- A rolled trucks have no working steering or steering bones animations

-wheels are entities with dinamic collision so as logs and trees on the ground (the small ones)

- The game keeps the calculation of the speed even if you go out of the truck but stay in the loaded area (Near the truck you switched from) but if you go away and you reloaded the truck (Hit the Realod in the Dev Pannel or go far away from it) said calculation will be forgotten and reseted to 0 (Model speed,Wheel Speed and rotations of the model (Not <Body> the model as one) )

  1. the truck height affects how ofter this issue happens (and not like in game height but more like xml HardpointY and suspension offset Y)
  2. Center of mass affect all wheels and makes them resist being turn upside down at a high speed
  3. the bigger the wheel the more prone to not turning they become
  4. is only fixable by reloading the truck or map (going in or out does fix it but only id the other mod is really far away from the affected mod)
  5. rear wheels are affected with this too but in other axis

okay here we go

  1. if you set the offset Y to make the truck wheels (front only) go under the hardpointY the game seems to get the suspension travel/resistance calculation wrong and there for the wheels stop turning at the same speed
  2. if your mod has a center of mass under -0.2 the truck is stable, under -0.3 to .45 is the common value for trail trucks (with the mod makers that search for realism) but after rolling down hill with one of my mods (jeep YJ stock) i saw for a brief seccond the back and front wheels rotate/lean in the oposite direction of my roll in the X axis (i was rolling down on my right side down hill and all of my wheels where leaning like if they were IK bones) If you know what i mean you understand the issue with that inertia look on them and the lower the value for the C.O.M the less more speed you need to look at the inertia look on the wheels (YJ is -0.27 since is low to the ground and has like 15cm of up travel) but i tested with my M37 and 85 K5 and those are -0.3 to -0.473 and had the same results
  3. after rolling down hill the driver (body and animation) was gone on the m37 (44in wheels) but the truck was on its side and still could start but voila my wheels arent turning so i tested in SmarOneNine flexYard and Tattoo/Nix ramps and a bit of help from the crane is started taking mods and stock truck on its side till the drive disapears but can still be turned on and yes all of them had no steering working while the driver wasnt showing but once he showed again sterring was working again but some mods and stock trucks had one wheel only working (the one that was on the ground solid ground and not the ramp in 7 of 10 cases were the issue happened and in 3 cases the one on the ground wasn't working and that gives the amount of mods that suffered the Glitch/Bug wich was 10 out of 15 mods I tried not all of them were mine and yes the k700 stops articulating and locks in one positon so i count it as a Glitch/Bug)
  4. no need to explain it more once you unload the entities from the area and load new ones you can safely go back to your bugged truck
  5. if you exit a rolling truck with its rolling down hill and load one far away from the falling truck the wheels will froze in place and until you load again your truck (rolling down one) the rear wheels will flip 180º if the truck was on its roof but had not stoped when you switched trucks or Bug on any ground/model/rock/chunk/stump that is on/over

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