[LE BETA] Game against AI league not saving progress

So I just won an intense game against a nurgle team as a goblin team, my troll got mvp and was about to lvl up again so I was obviously over the moon at this point.

Sadly none of the Spp was saved from the match and the league is like I never played it at all. Prompting me to fight them again. It's just weird how I have the replay of the game too and I doubt I could pull that off again.

I'm loving the game and hope you guys find this report helpful!

I've had the same issue, I assumed it was because I was using the new "Mixed Race" teams.
First 2 times it was a Violent Together team in League Cup, after game didn't show the winnings, just went to game synopsis with no SPPs. I assume it's treating the games as Friendlies based on the lack of gold/SPPs.

The 3rd version which has just occurred was in a 2 team Cup where I was farming Amazons to see how the builds in the Far Eastern Mix could combine. This team had played 2 prior matches in a different league which I had quit, and hadreceived gold/SPPs against other teams.

I was using the same 2 team Cup with Violent Together, is it possible it's not saving if the match is the final one?

Another minor bug is when previewing players, it doesn't always display the correct stat line. I preview to change character heads, and was confused to see 5,5,2,9 for a Gutter Runner.
Buying was fine, it's only in the preview screen it's an issue.

Just had it happen on Day 3 of a 3 Day Cup, no cash, no SPPs, so it looks like final day resolution is the issue.

I've also lost a few games that never got validated or saved progress at the end of a match. At least in the last match I played, I had lost connection to the hotel wifi, and by the time it reconnected the BB client had moved to my league screen showing that I was ready to play the team that I just played.

In this case it was round 2/3 of a cup, so not a final round resolution issue.

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Hi, thanks for your report. We'll investigate the issue. Do you confirm you weren't in resurrection mode?

Edit: I checked with the team and it's a known issue. Singleplayer leagues are WIP in the beta. It should be fixed for the release next week.

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Same issue here.
Mixed team high elves / chaos dwarf / vampire / breton (group "LES" in french game)
IA solo league, don't know eng name of the chosen league ("ligue personnalisée" in french)
day 7/7 of first step
I allready played twice the 7th match against a halfling team, but nothing appears after game in historic, in stats ; no SPP or money earned ; no persistant hurts kept in opposing team... Just as the match never happened.
Didn't yet tried a cup with a classic team (non mixed), so don't know if the problem is related to that point.
Happy to know you're allready working on that. Posting anyway in case some more info can help you fixin'it.
I'll try to reach same point with mono race, to see if issue is the same, will be posting here when done.

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