Hi there.

I'm not sure about this one, but it seems to me that the screens showing the status of the rescue team from the DLC are inverted.

Sorry for the size of the images, I took screenshot and don't know how to change that kind of stuff.

On that screenshot you can see the status of the members of Largo's team. It's written that they are all dead, but it's before I get to take the rollercoaster and met the ennemies in Eagle armor.

This screenshot as been taken after activating the Rusty Spring Tower. We can see that the chief Helvig is the only one dead and the other are missing. But I killed quite a few of the rescue team and Eastwood has been confirmed dead by Rodrigez in the audiolog : "Message to S&R Control Station"

Those two status screen should appear in another order, right ..?

Another thing I notice in this OPS...

After beating Carbon Cat, the door to "Largo's place" is always open. I can't talk to Largo from "up here" so I don't think it's normal. That wouldn't bother me too much. What bother me is the fact every time I pass "the door", I hear the sound of an "opening door" and that's clearly not normal.

Alright, I hope I didn't wasted anyone time.

Have a good day !