Why does it take so long for an update??

Us console players dont have much to play around with and it gets boring waiting 3-5 months for an update... I was wondering why it could take so long.

Nobody knows. But I think that they have too few people in the team.

killing time making the game run on other consoles so that other people can also claim more content.😂 laugh a lot

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I always thought it was Oovee's fault back in the day but it's clear now that Pavel just isn't interested in expanding the game to our liking. It's fair enough I guess, it's his creation and he has a different vision than we have. I'd hate to be a console player 😥

@malcolm_tucker i mean we paid for the game too so if they dont give us more people will start to be mad

@jayson people can be mad all they want though, as long as people pay for the game, why should he care

@hydrowasul said in Why does it take so long for an update??:

@jayson people can be mad all they want though, as long as people pay for the game, why should he care

Sad truth... Just look at Electronic Arts (EA Games). They regurgitate the same old garbage every year, and people complain about it every year, but then those same people go out and buy that game anyway and then complain the following year about it being the same old recycled crap. We're not people, we're revenue streams.

Yea but i dont have a pc and ive watched so many vids on spintires i just wish that the game could be better

I would hope that the reason it takes so long for a console update is that it is done right and not some bug-ridden fail of a DLC. Also there is the problem of console manufacturers not liking mods: Hoops have to be jumped through for certification or some such thing.. Thank you Sony & Microsoft..


MudRunner team isn't very big and every update has to be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It's always a lengthy process to develop content for multiple platforms and make sure it releases in the best possible state.

As explained in our community updates, the team is also working on the Switch version and MudRunner USA at the same time. We do our best to have regular updates for all players, but it's simply not possible to release content update every month.

They are making a completely new map. That in itself takes a long time no matter how much you know around the Editor unless you use references or custom height maps etc it's a fairly lengthy process.