I deleted all the trucks in my workshop

since i was called mod thief by force and his friends, although i had the permission of all original moderators, i drew the consequence and removed all mods + my own from the workshop. there will be no uploads anymore.
thank you to force and your friends,
If I continue to be harassed because of any mods I delete my complete list of friends
Sincerely, thombuggy
ps: I'm the owner of 90% of all Voto1979 mods. I have removed these too.

Waaaaat? All that crapcrawling crap makers forced to quit awesome modders with removing all their stuff? T.B.T.'s and VoTo1979's mods was of top tier quality (a bit OP though) and watching them leave makes me a littile dead inside.

Edit: I mean I don't remember Forces and co doing any distantly similar vehicles by thombuggy. Or any vehicle other than plastic cars on big wheels.
What accusations for?

I smell a holywar "truckers vs. crawlers" around corner, mark my words.

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To be honest, I was so fed up with the eternal disagreements on different platforms that I decided to take this step, the last mod was a reupload of the IHC7400 from Yansors, which by the way is a friend of mine, and even offered the old model revise so that some bugs disappear,
TC, gaming has a test run on video, immediately atacke has come from force

Seems childish. What do you hope to gain by removing your mods? If anything it serves as a confession...

Really sorry to hear that!
Well, looks like my favourite Spintires mods will never see the light of day again. 😱

First off, on Steam, I'm Mangonie, I commented on both your content and profile.

Now, I understand that it is very upsetting for being accused of doing things that you haven't done, but all the people who know that you've done nothing wrong and love your mods/re-uploads are disadvantaged.

And by removing them, the people who think that you've uploaded mods you didn't have the rights to, have one reason more to think that, because they probably think that that you've got caught re-uploading and you therefore removed them, or they think that their original owner has told you to take them down.

If Spintires or Spintires: MudRunner was for macOS, and I'd have your and voto.1979's permission, I'd try to either convert them to MudRunner, or re-upload them for Spintires. Of course, I'd have to learn how to, first.

I, for one, think that both your and voto.1979's content is the utter best, in both quality and authenticity. And I'm really sorry about those guys calling you a mod thief, and I can really understand that your fed up with that. I can only say, that the time that your mods were on the Workshop, I always thought that they were the best.

Thanks for reading.

All the best,

@thombuggy sad to hear, but people must do what they feel they must do. i only hope at some point things will turn around and the community will gain back what it has lost. all of the voto library was top notch imo.

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