Multiplayer freezing (XBox One)

I apologise to the devs that there is little more I can give on this one but I have played a ton of multiplayer in the last couple of weeks and there is definitely an issue that seems somehow linked to network activity (or updating/syncing other player data perhaps?) that results in the game freezing with that horrible droning sound for about five seconds and the console returning to home screen. At one point during peak time this was happening so often that I couldn't complete a single game without crashing, maybe once every fifteen minutes or so. I even made sure that the XBox was sitting on it's own and well ventilated, initally thinking it may be overheating, but it happened at various points that did not imply CPU or GFX load. I believe it also explains the other issue I have seen which always surprised me how mid game, the host would simply leave. In the few occasions where we had set up a party outside of the game, they reported they crashed and were bumped out and also experienced it a lot.

Obviously I know it's hard to chase down a ghost but if it is experienced by so many players online, I can't believe it isn't repeatable by devs on a debug platform. Would really appreciate you guys spend a few hours on MP to track this bugger down for us.


I'm having the same problem. I finally convinced my friends to get this, and we weren't able to play together because the game kept freezing and then dumping one or more of us back to the Xbox dashboard. We tried about a dozen times to get a game started together. Sometimes a crash would occur right as one of us joined the lobby, or after a minute of being in the lobby and setting up game options. Once we actually got into the game and were starting to configure our trailers when it crashed. What gives? I'm on the hook for recommending this game and convincing my buddies to shell out the money to play it!

Hi Centrale, I know. It's crazy frustrating. Trust me, it seems to be intermittent but when it goes, woah does it go! In fact I came online agin this evening to say that I tried to play again today and gave up after half an hour of trying. One hardcore game open (crossing) that I could join. All went fine to start with, helped a guy unlock a garage so basically drove across the map with a full load, unloaded it, reconfigured truck, started off across the map, got as far as the crossing and again, same issue, freeze, horrible buzzing sound, back to menu. Must have been playing for ten minutes fine before the crash. I believe (but can't be sure) that the root cause was a new guy joining the game, as it was originally just the two of us, I noticed just before being kicked out that there was a third person in the player list. Guy hosting was nice enough to invite me back in. Started up, I didn't get as far as rendering my truck before it did same. tried twice more, same. Decided to reboot console completely and retry, even this didn't work. Tried starting another game, coming back, restarting. Nothing. In the end, I thought I would start a fresh game first without accepting game invite, then started my local session of the saved game, went in fine, ran for 30 seconds, all good. Thought I had solved it, found previous invite, followed it through, wahey! success! thirty seconds in. Crash. Given up trying tonight, upset and frustrated. This seems to be happening more and more, or perhaps it's my perception based on playing online more. I hadn't noticed it so bad at first but now I would say it's hard to get through a game without someone dumping out. Please guys look into this!

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I'd be keen to hear from other XBox players if they are also experiencing this and if so, what console version they are on. Mine is a bog-standard XBox One, about four years old, OS version 10.0.17133.2020 (rs4_release_xbox_dev_1804.180418-1415)

Thanks Zoglet, I should mention that we tried many of the same things that you tried after each crash: exiting Mudrunner and starting another game before coming back to Mudrunner; a hard reboot of the console; and just repeatedly restarting the game. I haven't tried matchmaking at all, just a friends-only custom game. I believe the buzzing sound that occurs is that whatever part of the soundtrack is currently playing when the crash occurs gets caught in a micro-loop.

Here's my Xbox info - I also have a standard Xbox One, about 2.5 years old. OS version 10.0.17134.3036 (rs4_release_xbox_dev_1805.180510-1632). The only other thing I can think to mention that might be helpful is that I'm in the Insider Program.

I really hope the devs can get this sorted out. I just want to have some fun in the mud!

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Agreed Centrale on the buzzing sound. fyi I too WAS in the insider program but about a year or two ago got fed up with UI instability so deregistered and since hard full reset my box so there ‘should’ be no software remnants. I’ve made a point of talking to people I’ve been playing with and they all experience the same. Also whether you host or join doesn’t seem to matter. one guy was telling me he usually hosts and it was happening so often he tried to join other games to see if it helped. for me tonight it seemed the other way around. again I think it has more to do with how and when the server syncs across players. it seemed to happen to me previously if opening the map, wonder if others doing same is what causes problem on my machine too. Anyway, all guesswork on our side. Any development box will tell the devs what’s happening and the issues seems so prevalent that I can’t believe it’s not know. and being looked at. Fingers crossed for a patch to fix same time as this upcoming DLC

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I'll have to try more multiplayer. I've only hit the almighty buzz noise and then back to home screen once..

It certainly is weird... 🕵

@difflock66 I have had occasion where I give up playing. Literally not been able to complete a game in a night without crashing out. Sometimes not being able to stay in a game for more than a minute. More often, once you crash out, re-entering is nigh impossible. The other night I reckon it happened ten times in an hour before I gave up. Some nights it doesn't happen at all.

Well, we tried again last night (we have a regularly online gaming session on Sundays) and it worked perfectly for us. We started a friends-only game with two of us and our third friend joined about fifteen minutes later. Not one single problem! It was awesome. So, I'm wondering - there wasn't already a patch, was there? So is this problem intermittent and next week could be a total wash again?

I took part in a few multiplayer games recently - all were fine. One where the server exited (not sure why), a couple where the map was completed and one where the host said he was leaving to set up another game (server exit).

I’m pretty sure ‘the server exited’ message is what hosted players would see when the hosting game crashes.

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