THRUSTMASTER TX wheel only has truly basic functionality

Like the title says! Playing on Xbox One. I can steer, although with waaaayyyy too many degrees. And I can start and stop. There is totally no FFB and most of all, the camera doesn't follow the vehicle properly. In summary: the steering wheel is completely useless in the game. Mudrunners and steering wheels should be the marriage made in heaven. But it turns out neither was aware of the wedding. Only the guests were/are there. FHI should be utterly ashamed by now.

What do you mean by too many degrees? 900, which is what mine is set to, is just about realistic. This can be changed in the Thrustmaster driver/properties app.

Regarding FFB, that's right, it doesn't work in this game at least with this wheel. I'm on a PC with the T150 wheel and have the same issue.

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