Criticism of Episode 2 Hide and Seek.

I appreciate the detail and script writing for Ep2, but the length and story progression has left a lot to be desired. I was also left wondering why some features, such as the way you can analyse a certain scene if you have certain skills were left out. I did enjoy aspects of this episode as it showcased a more detective side of the story, but while I enjoy those things, I think the games greatest strength is in interactions with characters, of which there were little compared to the previous episode.

Thank you very much for this feedback, I've passed it along to the dev team for them to take a look at.

SPOILER !!!!!!!

I found this episode very interesting. But sometimes we have to spend a stress point ( I don't know if you say that in english, I talk about the diamonds in the bottom-left corner of the screen ) to see an evidence. I mean we should not need a very good observation to see that there is not a fissure into a statue... And I see a big library, but we can't use books to resolve enigmas, I think this point is not very realistic.

Except this points, the episode is really startling and I wish that the next episode will be released in few times... maybe the 3rd episode could be a bit longer than the 2nd 😉

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The EP2 is quite different from the pilot episode. It's still good and interesting. I love the way you educate players and reward real-life erudition. This episode was more about puzzles and investigation, but lacked the game's unique features. Please add more confrontations and opportunities in the next episodes. This episode indeed had less quests than the 1st one, but it still takes same circa 3 hours to complete, even during a replay, when you already have solved the puzzles. I would like to have more acts in the future for leveling up purposes.

In short, keep the good work up! The only real downside is necessity to wait for the next episode for another 2 months.

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By the way, I've just finally retroactively understood the whole Bible puzzle. It's brilliant. It's so obvious and logical when you grasp it. Thank you!

@ming Our pleasure! We're glad you liked the Bible puzzle, a lot of us found it difficult too!

Not going to lie the Bible puzzle took me a good half hour or more to figure out but it was really fun. The only thing I kind of disliked about this episode is something small which was the amount of quests we had. I did like that we got to explore more of the mansion though! Also can we have Louis and Emily explore their relationship more like if Louis cares about her or if it was just meant to be a one night stand.

My English is very bad. Sorry.

  1. Amazing game. I was waiting for these many years.
  2. The second episode is quite short. I wish the episode consisted of 4-5 chapters. (This is the only drawback)
  3. The idea is to use "the Necronomicon" is excellent, I hope the finale will not have to fight Cthulhu 🙂
  4. After collecting all the notes about the owner of the mansion, I just have one question. Why Lord Mortimer and not the Comte de Saint-Germain? 🙂 It's perfect (except that he died a few years before the events of the game)
  5. Thanks for a great game.

I felt less satisfied when I first finished episode 2. It felt much shorter than the first episode. The Bible puzzle, while hard, was really good and interesting. The statues puzzle, on the other hand, was incoherent to me. Even with my knowledge of mythology and the skills I had unlocked I could not find the solution and ended up randomly thrusting the sword into the statues...

Right from the first episode of the game, I set up six different saves, each using different elements from the skill tree. The beauty of this game, for me at least, is in the replaying. Each iteration of the main character changes the feel of the story. It's obvious when playing, true-to-type, as a detective, an occultist, or a diplomat, but it's much more subtle when hybridising elements of each. In each of my replays, I uncovered something new, stopping the feeling of retreading old ground. Whilst the interactions between characters are a huge part of this game, the ferreting out paths unseen from one perspective is what keeps me coming back to it, not to mention that the replays help kill time between episode releases. A lot of the criticisms I'm seeing haven't affected me in the slightest. I'm very happy with the puzzles, in particular. They are just mind-bending enough to challenge but not so hard as to become frustrating, or send me online looking for the solution. I only wish there were more games like this.