maps i will mostly depend is a Afghan like terrain like in the picture...but i would like a afgan ish like map to give me some realison cuz im al about realisom but yea i will show another picture from SQUADS will love maps like this so i can make videos on my channel of me and my friends getting in heavy fire fight with insurgents and im not asking for a giant arma map XD0_1526390573154_sumari_2.jpg 0_1526390609085_a01_18330419.jpg make sure that you comment if you agree or comment on some things you would like to be added in the game but not to much stress insurgency sandstorms development crew might have trouble of making disictions and stuff some dont put to much stress XD in vehicles for insurgents i would like the pick up of course for us forces i would LOVE to see Humvee and transport vehices in the game

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i like winter maps more, felt more relaxing to play on


To give you an idea on how big the maps are going to be. I believe the developers at NWI mention that the size is going to look something like 'Contract meet District in one single map'. Depending on how big the map is and what game mode we play, there is a chance that vehicles will appear in game. Keep in mind that certain maps are going to be design for specific game modes.

For example, Ministry map is designed to be play specifically on Firefight game mode. Where as Sinjar is mean to be play with Push in mind. Another example I could point out is that in Day of Infamy, one map called Brittany was specifically designed to be played in both Firefight and Liberation.

If your were expecting the map size to be a equivalent as Squad or Battlefield. Try not getting your hopes on that offer.

Most of the maps we saw in Sandstorm MP trailer is going have some environment that are mean to be massive. The game is going to have the heavy emphases on CQC just like we get in Source Insurgency

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@ldclaudius i understand and squads ya insurgency is know for its fast paste but realistic gameplay

@xxke0nxddkxx I wouldn't say it intended to aim for realism. The developer did mention that Sandstorm is a Hardcore FPS without any realism coming to play.

@ldclaudius said in MAPS AND VEHICLES:

@xxke0nxddkxx I wouldn't say it intended to aim for realism. The developer did mention that Sandstorm is a Hardcore FPS without any realism coming to play.

Of course their aim is to bring a level of realism to Sandstorm just as they did with the previous iteration. Read most reviews, interviews and discussions about Sandstorm and the word "real" is typically uttered in one form or another on more than one occasion when describing this title.

Hell, if you look at the NWI website regarding Insurgency you'll see two quotes from publication reviews where they used such words to describe the gameplay experience:

"It brings me about as close to a real gunfight as I’ll likely ever want to get."

  • Venture Beat

"No-frills realism and tight teamwork make Insurgency a welcome break from the status quo."

  • Gamespot

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