Weissen Tourney setup bugs

Hi, several of us have been testing the setup combinations of the new Weissen Cup feature.

In 1 of the cup setups we have encountered a bug which blocks us from adding more than
3 AI teams (it seems to think we have added the maximum 8 already)

In the 2 other test cup we've tried this problem did not occur. The differences with these
other 2 test cups were a). they were set to allow custom & experienced teams rather than
just new teams only & b). the AI teams were added in a different sequence to the real teams.

We'll continue testing in the mean time, let us know if you need more info to help recreate these

After further tests it would appear that this also occurs in Knockout format.

The issue definately seems to be that you can add AI teams fine BEFORE real
teams are added but once real teams are registered no more AI teams can be.

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