EP2 Achievements

Yesterday I walked through the first two questd of EP 2 twice. On the first run I got achievements for complete investigations (Vidocq) and another one for complete search of the study. Unfortunately, I didn't receive either of them on the second run. Could you please clarify, what counts as requirements for these achievements? E.g. should I use all skill checks or simply use all available dialogues? It takes a lot of time and effort and lacks clarity. Same for the search - should you just check all the surroundings or pick up consumables, too? Please check, whether there are any bugs connected to these achievements.

Hi there!

You mean to get the traits on your second playthrough of the episode, correct?

Yes, I've re-played again and this time got it all again.

BTW, there's no reward for Wollner's confrontation. Is this intentional?

@ming Hi there,

I've asked the development team, and can say that yes, this is intentional.

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