LE beta --- Kick-Skill BUG

Hi there,

I just faced a pretty weird bug with the kick skill:

I playded the 1300TV pre-assembled Vampire team, which has a kick thrall, VS the 1300 Kislev team.

When my kick dude kicks the ball, first I have the normal smaller scatter-template-animation.
I clicked on the intended square.
But then there popped a question like "choose the square where you want to put the ball" and on the screen appeared three squares on the field with a white circle. Two of them on a completely different area on the pitch. I clicked the furthest square and indeed, the ball landed there!

I am really confused.

Pls have a look on this and greetings,


As kick is now an optional skill you now get to choose from 2 locations.
(Where the ball would have scattered to with or without the skill) &
pick the one you prefer.

ok. But it felt really weird.
You are sure, that its allowed to work this way?

Yeah i'm not a fan of it either iit's a bit daft. But is actually how the
rules were originally intended & used in TT but were never
implemented in BB1. So if you've never played BB outside Cyanide
this will be new to you but a welcome buff for veteran coaches.

Once you get used to how it works, there's nothing but the benefit which comes with optionality.

However, there is a bug with Kick: somehow your opponent gets a "Skip" button while you use the skill and choose the landing square. And if he hits the button, your Kick skill interaction is over (though I'm not sure how the actual square is being chosen in this case).

@Madfrog : Yes there is no bug here

@Sid The Coach : I already created a thread for this issue here : https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/624/le-beta-kick-skill-issue

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