Announcing The Ridge Free DLC


MudRunner is the ultimate off-road experience, taking players on hostile roads and harsh environments. Available on PC and consoles, MudRunner is releasing the free Ridge DLC on the 29th of May, a free content update that includes a new map, new vehicles, and new add-ons to explore and experiment with. The Ridge is a coastal map split in half by a mountain ridge. Players will need to take a lot of care if they’re looking to cut time by travelling across the center.


In addition to a brand new map, two new vehicles are being introduced, the D-538, a heavy duty tractor, and the B-6A, a lightweight tractor. These two vehicles can be used on any map, provided you have enough progression points unlocked. Completing The Ridge requires players to utilize a new type of delivery gameplay called Scavenging. Logs are now scattered across the map, and players will have to find them at various locations in the wild to complete deliveries and earn unlock points.


MudRunner offers incredible content and unique experiences - it's a genre of its own, reinventing the rules and offering new challenges for players looking for emergent encounters and true-to-life off-roading situations. Dedicated players and driving enthusiasts will appreciate the hyper-realistic driving sensations thanks to an advanced physics engine, a differential transmission system, soft-tire simulation, as well as realistic interactions between vegetation, mud, water, and your vehicle.

MudRunner’s next free content DLC, The Ridge, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on May 29th.

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When you mention various locations for the logs, is that random points on the maps in certain terrain blocks, or a few specific areas chosen at random? If that makes sense.

The second - there are six or seven random points around the map, that may spawn logs.

Awesome, thanks for clarifying.

A tractor? Lame...
Good thing this is free...

So there is 2 new fuel trailers as well? I seen a little single axle one being pulled by the small tractor on the facebook post...aswell as that medium sized one in the picture above....any other new trailers?

Very soon. Cool ))))

Tractors? Yes!
Thank you from new objects in game.

@iyagovos Any word about tracked vehicles and/or about moving the game to a 64 bit engine?

The tractors are okay, but same were already as spintires mods in 2014...

That light tractor is badass

Love it! Thanks! Can't wait!

Hah - a tractor! I wonder if you can get it to wheelie if the trailer is too heavy? 😁 🕶

I'm looking forward to this. Thanks for the update.

wow I thought the b-6a would be the gaz tiger and to be real I wasn't thrilled about it but no it's a tractor what a surprise can't wait for this dlc

@joridiculous Where did you get that idea?

@iyagovos Great news, didn’t have to wait so long after all 😉

May I ask if there is any update on planned bugfixes? I assume they would be a separate patch than part of the DLC. It would be really great to know what was being worked on.

Thanks you for the FREE stuff. I think the tractor is BADASS!!

I have a question for the developers. How are vehicles for DLC decided on? Do you have a "wish-list" of vehicles you'd like to include or are they thought of randomly? These tractors are very cool but they can't be that easy to find in the real world for reference data. Are there any vehicles the devs would like to add but can't due to insufficient data, or are unknown things just improvised?