I played my last match and have 2-0 score and good chance for 3-0. After my oponnent have ho chance its starts. I see "waiting server connection" and cant do a shit, but my turn go. After I lost all my turn I try recconect game, but its same shit. I try recconect again and have like 5 minute join game (all time its need 10-15 seconds).
All ok with my internet, with my pc (all this time played hearstone and 0 problem). After this game ends its all ok again. I connect to game buy 15 seconds ...
I dont want to say something wrong, but its strange. I have really weak oponent, but he ahve 4-0-0 record, now its 5-0-0. And its happens when I have better chance for 3-0 than he take 2-1.
My nick in the game CaMaeJI and its last wood elfs match.
Guys I really want to crash everything when its happens. I think it can be last game for me on bb2 if this result not changed.
Sorry for my english its really bad.