Offline Team Options

I recently purchased this game on my Xbox and downloaded all the teams and DLC. I play in offline mode mainly but none of the new team options are showing available to me? Can you not access the extra teams when playing offline? When I look at my game files it shows the teams packs are downloaded but don't show in game. Any help would be appreciated.

They should be available in all game modes. Has the download completed correctly? It should give you those pop up messages when each team and expansion is completed. You may need to check your download queue. For me, it downloaded, installed each update and team one-by-one, notified me, and then let me know it was ready to launch. It should do so with you. Otherwise, try uninstalling and re-installing everything from scratch and leave it until complete. If it still doesn't work, get in touch with the devs, they will help.
And beware! The offline AI is woefully incompetent! It great for familiarizing yourself with the trams and rules, but will not provide a significant challenge that'll prepare you for an actual human opponent!

Highlight the game and press the menu/start button > manage game > ready to install. The teams/DLC you own for this game should be in that list if they didnt install already.

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