Additional Questions

ive some questions maybe you can answer them:

  1. What about Morphine? Can the doctor use it for medical use and will patient (if not correctly) going to be drug addicted? Can the doctor it use for himself?

  2. Does you can show us examples for ingame speech non english (spanish, french, german)?

  3. Can Reid go in relationsship with female character and manipulate them ? Every vampir story has often love stories,too.

  4. Its a dark game in a dark world. For better seeing i highly recommend a good "brightness" option for every systeem. Can you show example please?

  5. Does PS4 version may contain a dynamic PS4 design?

  6. The time 1918 after world war is pretty intersting. Do you plan any DLC(s) outside London (example russia revolution St.Petersburg, after ww1 war chaos germany)?

Thanks in advance for answering my questions

Yours faithfully

Community Manager

Hello, thanks for your cool questions yesterday during the stream!

We couldn't answer to everything by lack of time, but we noted most of them.

You can use various injections in the game, but I'm not sure morphine is one of them. You can also craft various medecine to help London citizen.

Vampyr audio is only available in English. Interface and subtitles are available in many languages (more info in the Steam page:

We prefer not to spoil anything about Jonathan potential relationship with other characters.

I don't really get your questions 4 and 5.

No DLCs planned. The team is entirely focused on the release of the game.

Very much thanks for answering my questions. I really understand that no spoiling is neccessary but i believe now that its might be possible to go into relationsship(s).

I also hope that you´re able to update the game later(or far later) with so called "speech packets" in other languages (iam non english). That would be nice. Maybe you can confirm this?

Iam not history researcher but wiki told me that even "Heroin (cough supressant)" was used in this time very often. Especially after the treaty of Versailles all trademarks were gone. I dont know when it got banned in UK but in USA it was in use till 1925 or so.

Doctor Reid seems to be a well educated doctor, so iam pretty sure that nearly any doctor of this time knows (Morphin/Heroin) and used it less or more. Iam sure that could lead to interesting story(s).

Please continue your good work!

King regards

P.S. Doctor Reid (or other medical personal)should help to cure "Shell Shock " ancestor of PTSB i just found an interesting youtube video shortly after WW1 it would be good (not good that shell shock exist/happened) but good for the game to met some of the victims of Shell shock. You may add this. There many other youtube videos about ww1 Shell Shock. You may find those what could fit Vampyr best. Iam sure youll do a great work. Thanks

Voto por el lenguaje en español ya que en españa somos una comunidad que estamos esperando el juego

I think DLC for citizen is interesting choice. I will definitely pay if DLC allow me to have relationship with another guy.

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