Will Vampyr have Dismemberment? Wounds on dead bodies? How extensive is the gore?

I'm watching gameplay video after gameplay video and even the most recent one didn't quell my worries on this matter.
As a huge fan of the entire witcher franchise, I enjoy satisfying realistic-esque combat where if I hit someone with a sword I expect to see a wound. Or limbs fly off or the like.

CDPR kept innovating every release till Witcher 3 gave us a gore portrayal that never ceased to amaze during every encounter. From excellent slow-mo finishers to just watching the enemy have his torso sliced in half or arms cut off.

Now I look to Vampyr. A vampire game that looks so dark, so grim, so bloody ( as you'd expect) to carry on this cool feel.
But after having seen the latest gameplay dev session on twitch today... I once again began worrrying.

DontNod. Will your gave at all feature dismemberment? Will bodies after we defeat enemies feature physical damage marks? Torns limbs? Guts spilled?
Basically pure brutality and what you'd kinda expect after hitting someone in the face 5 times with a bonesaw.

Edit: I watched some additional footage and realized that there is actually no blood at all present on the guys we fight. No matter the gun, bonesaw, vampiric abiltiies. All hostile NPC's are 100 % intact and clean. Bite marks, and such happens solely during cinematic kills on specific NPC's apparently. I've seen all your released gameplay dating back months and still every fight, the only blood that appears is from impact which lands on the ground. And thats the end of it.
Is this an early build? Or have resources just not been invested into these combat system factors because most combat can be avoided using stealth and such? I'm getting a grim reminder from the vampire game DARK here.

Some players might not think this is a big deal but it is a HUGE deal to me. I like to have a satisfying combat system where damage is apparent on me or the enemies. It feels satisfying and realistic.

I hope to get a reply. And I really hope furthermore that the game actually has this on release. It could be a dealbreaker for me personally to not have this. Especially considering 5 things:

Nr 1: Its a vampire game
Nr 2: Its packed with blood and death everywhere. NPC's with wounds, gory deaths and such lay all over.
Nr 3: You're literally cutting people up with a bonesaw or sword. That is pretty damn brutal.
Nr 4: After witcher 3's substantial success in visual design its obvious that such showing of gore would fit right in here.
Nr 5: You are a monster. You're not some shining knight or duelist. You are a monster...that tears people apart and feasts on their blood.
True blood, The originals, Vampire Diaries and countless other supernatural / vampire series have gone out of their way to magnify just how brutal vampires are and people LOVE IT.

So I hope Vampyr will live up to that baseline requirement. In my humble opinion, of course.
Fellow fans, feel free to disagree. I just want to feel like the monster that the game keeps assuring us we are.

I mean hell, go play skyrim default, and then install the dismemberment mod afterwards and play werewolf.
You feel a thousand times more vicious and dangerous. And seeing NPC's fleeing from you in fear suddenly makes perfect sense.... because nobody wants to have their body torn in half by a monster.

So yes. Summary: Dear DontNod. Does your game have Dismemberment, wounds, even blood marks or spatter on NPC's post battle etc? And if it doesn't, will it have later as a DLC option or something? It feels extremely plain and innocent right now... not what I'd at all expect from a vampire game.

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Interested in knowing this myself...it looks fun enough in the footage but dismemberment should be a thing in a game about blood.

Yeah, man. I hope we'll get an answer otherwise we'll just have to wait for release.
But the more I see I think we're gonna be without any of it.

It just feels extremely... weird. I mean you can look at way older gory games like F.E.A.R. that Im replaying atm. It has whole bodies exploding on grenade impact or something as simple as bullet holes as well as blood spatter.
Or within the same genre, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines had a great deal of gore using Tremere abilities.

But anyway. I just felt this was as baseline as it gets for a vampire game. ( Unless its DARK because that game lacks everything haha... Fck I hate that game. Geralts voice can't even save it 🙂 )

Well. Tuesday the week after next week, we'll know. Lets hope for a gory adventure.

Mate I've been watching some gameplay of the actual game (like 4 hrs) and sad to say, it doesn't have any dismemberment whatsoever. The story and voice acting are on point, meaning that both are awesome. Lip sync is not good at all, at least is better than Life is Strange though. Animation is clanky, a bit stiff even. There is no gore in the killings if that's what you were expecting. But if you're looking for an awesome experience storywise, Vampyr is a great way to pass the time.

I've tried to reply an honest answer and Focus nor Don't Nod haven't let me post it so que short answer to your question is a huge resounding NO

Thanks for the info man
It is as I was afraid of it seems. Well. Lets hope it turns out to be an enjoyable story then.
https://youtu.be/y7mz4GoETOU?t=878 At least Jonathan feels like I do...

Lol 🙂

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