Platform: Xbox One (original "fat" factor)

Version: right before was deployed to consoles (At the moment of this post I dont have proper internet for the console. When I can I will update to


  • Campaign: Game is unable to properly end the Campaign: After the credits roll, the game does not play the final Skaven clip and gltiches out of the Skaven Vision screen into the normal Cabal Vision loading screen and stays on what appears to be an infinite loading screen. You can hear Jim and Bob talking as if you were in the main menu.

  • Campaign: Some Character model's heads misplaced: During the final game of the campaign, some of the mutated huge rats (there were three or four at that time) had their heads lower than they should have been.

  • No Fans Cheering Sound FX: after playing a friendly game, going back to the main menu, and then starting another friendly game, that game will be missing the cheering fans sound FX from the coin toss onwards. I tested this several times with the same result. Only restarting Blood Bowl 2 LE restores the sound FX only to happen again on the second game. This never happened during the campaign. Havent tried leagues.

  • Two skeleton guards occupying the same spot, left side in the main menu. This happens when coming back to the main menu after completing a game.

  • Typo at the results screen: instead of Tournament it reads "Toornament".

  • Kick off "kick" animation glitch: some times the ball isn't properly aligned, by quite a margin, with the character model kicking it. This rarely if ever happened during the campaign mode.

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