Make the scatter ball template fixed.

How about making the scatter ball template face the same way always in the video game?

This isnt super critical but it will give me a bit of peace, because: While trying to understand the game I was able to find and read the LRB6. Thanks to the video game dice log I noticed that it changes (at will?) the position of the Scatter Ball Template. It has always worried me that the AI would use this to its advantage. And it might have happened yesterday after I luckily rolled to knock down the ball carrier almost three squares from the touchdown. And of course it had to scatter to his buddy right next to him. This wouldnt have bothered me so much if the scatter ball template was fixed. Instead, the way I saw the AI play this was "crap, my guy is down, scatter, its a six, hmmm, ok, rotate the template, Gotcha!"

The LRB6 doesnt states a rule for this. I searched the internet to try and find if there is a standard for the board game. Found a couple of topics about this and apparently there isn't a set standard for placing the scatter ball template. Some players agree where it faces when the game begins while others place it the way they always do.

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